Since customers are online and using Social Media, your small business needs to be there, too.  We created Social Explosion Media to help you with that!

We offer many services from creating a website or mobile application to designing a professional Facebook page.  We can teach you how to effectively manage your online presence and help with the professional look and feel of your Facebook page, Twitter, You Tube and more!

Business owners seeking help with a professional Facebook Timeline design are our specialty and we also enjoy training on everything from tricks you can use on Facebook to how to use Pinterest, start your own blog, get on Twitter, Google+ and much more.  We love to help business owners “get it” and see them take on their social media on their own.

Leslie Kelley

Leslie Kelley

Founder, Creative Director

I have worked in sales, marketing and customer service my entire career, with an emphasis on creativity. My experience ranges from the photography industry, hotels, restaurants, and retail banking. I started designing websites in 2007 and became excited about the potential in social media as early as 2008 while managing the online marketing for a day spa.

I am committed to providing my clients with quality and affordable social media and web services that will enhance the reach of your business, connecting you with your clients where they spend their time… online. Groups and relationships I am involved with online and in my community keep me up to date with the latest tools and technology that will enable me to better assist my clients with their internet marketing.

I currently live in Atlanta, GA. In addition to “web stuff” I enjoy good food, travel and going “home” to the San Francisco Bay Area a couple of times a year.


Isaac Eiland-Hall

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Technical Director

I own PanamaCity PC and also work with Social Explosion Media on the technical end of website design and builds.

I enjoy many things related to computers, such as helpdesk and website design and hosting. I’m definitely a computer geek, and I love helping others discover the power and joy of computing. I currently use Linux (Xubuntu) for my main desktop computer, and CentOS for my server; but I was previously a Windows enthusiast, and I like Mac as well. I believe in using the right tool for the job that someone’s most comfortable with.

One of my major hobbies is theatre. I’ve been involved in approximately 50 productions; from acting to sound design to assistant directing.

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